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"Review: Shawne Major at Callan Contemporary", New Orleans Art Insider

Fascia, top, is especially carnivalesque because of the way its dense strands of beads seem to almost spin like a vortex of baubles, faux turquoise and plastic flowers in motion. Twin Flame is darker and denser and evokes a slower sort of movement as patterns of beads, buttons and purple faux pearls seem to almost ooze like an elegantly bejeweled lava flow. But Bower, left, suggests a vestment, perhaps the remains of a royal tunic from a lost civilization that communicated via coded sequences of beads. Others are shaped like animal pelts, but all of these fantastical concoctions exude a psychotropic joie de vivre, the inexplicable electricity of small, shimmering objects that were once in motion, and only recently came to rest. 


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